Following next year’s international Passive House Conference in Vienna, Austria (April 2017), CanPHI will offer another unique tour of Passive House-quality European manufacturing industry, including visits to cutting-edge CLT, wood fibre and window manufacturing facilities. Prepare to have your worldview changed – previous Canadian architects and builders have been amazed by the high quality on display in these factories. All of the products we’ll see are now available affordably in Canada and the US via import.

We’ll tour facilities from Vienna to Graz, and then on to manufacturers in Slovenia. Every evening we’ll head for a biergarten for the chance to sample a wide range of local beers and regional cuisine – we’re here to learn, network and to enjoy ourselves.

Places are limited so please contact Tomaz Stich for more details.

Meet Your Guide

Tomaz Stich

Tomaz Stich

Tomaz Stich grew up in Germany and worked a full apprenticeship in cabinet making before taking a 4-year diploma in wood engineering at the prestigious Hildesheim Institute of Applied Sciences, with graduate research work in wood structures at the Institite for Wood Technology Research in Stockholm, Sweden. Fluent in four languages, Tomaz qualified as a Certified Passive House Designer in 2009, when this qualification first became available, and he is now working as a structural and Passive House designer and builder in multiple projects across Canada, with a specialty in CLT design. He lives with his family in beautiful Invermere, BC. is now working as a structural and Passive House designer and builder in multiple projects across Canada, with a specialty in CLT design. He lives with his family in beautiful Invermere, BC.

What Past Attendees Say


  • The Passive House concept makes a lot of sense to me. The idea of optimizing the building envelope instead of having a conventional heating system is very basic, logic and innovative too! CanPHI’s course clearly explains how it’s possible to build this kind of house here in Canada, where we definitely need it!

    Sébastien Carle, Ing.
    Building Engineer, Amos, QC
  • I found CanPHI’s Training Course incredibly useful for teaching an Advanced Residential Design – Passive Solar – course. I’m now able to show students how passive solar can be made to work within the Passive House context, which makes it very real for them. The PHPP training showed that I can meet the energy performance standard in this climate with our type of construction. Thank you for an interesting and informative course!

    Michael Muller
    Professor, Architecture Sheridan College of Technology & Advanced Learning , Brampton, ON
  • My perspective of the course after some time has passed is that I think it compliments the other energy efficiency standards and methods very well. Even though I was very aware of energy efficient construction, the importance of the reduction of thermal bridging and opportunities to achieve exceptionally low-energy buildings was brought into much sharper focus. I will certainly be taking the concepts learned in CanPHI’s Passive House course into consideration on future projects.

    Juergen Korn
    Yukon Housing Corporation
  • A passion for quality and best possible housing performance led me to Passive House. What I learned, in the comprehensive training and with the excellent support during my first project, is that Passive House also delivers priceless features including added comfort, health and durability. read more

    Garth Hood
    Thoughtful Dwellings, Fredericton, N.B.
  • It was exciting and highly motivational to be amongst a very enthusiastic group of fellow students who will represent Canada’s future leaders in the best new home building standard in the world.  Having CanPHI’s specialized instructors bring forth their educational knowledge and extensive experience made this the most valuable training program I’ve ever had the opportunity to participate in suit.

    Wayne Perehudoff
    Energy Consultant, City of Medicine Hat, AB