An Essential Tool For Passive House Designers

Developed and refined over the past 20 years by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany, PHPP is the world’s most accurate and verified software for the design of ultra-low energy buildings. This dynamic macro-embedded Excel spreadsheet is used worldwide by architects, engineers, builders and planners who wish to design truly sustainable buildings in any climate.

Version 9.6 (2018) is now available via the PayPal link below (price $262.50 including GST + shipping – see details below). Further details on PHPP are available here.

CanPHI has been the licensed Canadian distributor of the PHPP design software since 2010. Proceeds help support Passive House research in Canada. Note that PHPP sales and payments are processed by Stich Consulting and Design 

Become a Certified Passive House Designer

Take our Certified Passive House Designer course and develop expertise in the world’s most advanced energy efficient building standard: The Passive House Standard.

Benefits of PHPP V9.6 include:

  • Its power for instant, highly accurate assessment of iterative design changes
  • Incorporates the new PER categories of Passive House Certification, allowing Net Zero Energy buildings to be easily assessed via all renewable energy contributions
  • Full transparency of all calculations – this is not the usual ‘black box’ energy modelling tool
  • Full engineering capabilities, including modeling of all thermal bridges in the building
  • No engineering background needed – the only inputs required are dimensions and thermal properties of materials and components.
  • Contains detailed and current technical information on hundreds of Passive House-Certified components, including windows, doors, curtain walls, HRVs, compact units
  • Full manual provided – with detailed instructions and full technical explanations
  • Fully compatible with the latest Sketchup plugin “designPH’. Please note that designPH will not be sold by CanPHI in 2017 – but it is available through PHI and FourSevenFive in New York
  • Contains full weather data (including heating and cooling loads) for 52 Canadian cities.

PHPP Software