Commercial Building Addition, Curran, Ontario

Project Overview

This addition to a commercial building in rural Eastern Ontario was built, and is to be used by the owners, Herrmann’s Timber Frame Homes, as a base for their building materials supply business. The existing workshop and warehouse building dates back to 2001, but it had become insufficient for the growing business in imported windows, wood fibre board, timber connectors and airsealing products. The building has two separate envelopes – one side, built to the Passive House Standard, is a combined office, Gaulhofer window showroom and training space, whilst the main part acts as a loading bay and storage area. The structure is a 60x200mm wood frame construction with open truss beams. All structural lumber was imported from Austria for this project, and the quality of this material, and the construction work itself, is extraordinary. Incoming ventilation air is preheated via a 100′ earth tube, connected to a Zehnder Comfoair 350 ventilation system. Heating will be supplied from a wood boiler both to the slabs via radiant floor, and to the ventilation air. ¬†Occupancy is scheduled for June 2016.

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The training room facility is expected to be used for future Passive House builder training seminars and courses.

Annual Heating Cost

$383 / yr*

* 4503 kWh per year at 8.5 cents/kWh Ontario off-peak rate, for 3245 ft2 heated part of the building

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Building Performance Data - office and showroom section (via PHPP modeling)
Gross Floor Area 3800 ft2
Treated Floor Area (TFA) 301 m2
Specific Annual Heating Demand 14.9 kWh/m2
Annual Heating demand 4503 kWh / year
Annual Heating cost $383 / year - electricity
Design Heating Load 4200 Watts
Specific Heating Load 14 W/m2
Target Airtightness 0.6 ach @ 50 Pa
Airtightness achieved under construction
Annual cooling cost zero

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Construction Specs Construction Type U-value (R-value) Manufacturer, Location
Floor slab Superinsulated EPS tray slab 0.123 W/m2K (R-46) Recycled EPS Material
Wall structure 60x200mm studs @ 600mm o.c., 19mm interior OSB 0.142 W/m2K (R-40) Herrmann'sTimberframe
Roof structure structural rafters with exterior insulation 0.12 W/m2K (R-47) Herrmann'sTimberframe
Wall Insulation 200mm Roxul / 80mm Wood fibre board Roxul/ Pavatex
Roof Insulation 200mm Wood fibre board Pavatex
Windows Energyline Plus 85 Passive House Certified Gaulhofer, Austria
Exterior Door Wood / aluminum 0.8 W/m2K Gaulhofer, Austria
Window Frame uPVC Uf = 0.79 W/m2K Gaulhofer, Austria
Window Glazing Triple 2 x low-e 0.5 W/m2K Saint Gobain
Glazing SHGC (g-value) Solar heat gain coefficient 0.52
Airtightness goal : 0.5 ach @ 50 Pa
Ventilation system Zehnder/ Comfoair 350 90% efficiency Zehnder
Heating System Wood/ electric boiler
Heat Distribution system Inflow Heating / Ventilation air

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Role Person Location Email
Architect Tomaz Stich, Stich Passive Design Invermere, BC
3-D Modeling + CLT structure Tomaz Stich, Stich Passive Design Invermere, BC
Passive House Designer Tomaz Stich, Stich Passive Design Invermere, BC
Builder Andreas Herrmann, Herrmann Timberframes Curran, ON
Building Envelope Supplier Andreas Herrmann, Herrmann Timberframes Curran, ON
PHI-Accredited Certifier N/A