Passive House Duplex, Vancouver


Project Overview

This 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom (each) plus one basement suite Duplex building is the first multifamily Passive House in Vancouver. Constructed on a lot in East Vancouver, the building was designed by Marken Design and Consulting and built by Econ Group over the span of one year. The basement suite is handicap accessible.

The architectural theme was kept traditional aiming to blend well into the neighborhood character, as required by the Vancouver bylaw for this area.

For the owners the main goal was to create a healthy and very comfortable space to live in for their family and their grandmother generating a lasting legacy.

Using standard, cost-efficient 2×6 wood construction with exterior insulation applied using eco-friendly insulation throughout, the builder was able to achieve a 0.3 ACH on the final blower door test and meet the international Passive House Standard. The house is now occupied since late summer 2016 and is currently undergoing final certification review.

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Also, for this project an array of photovoltaic panels will be installed on the south-facing garage roof to produce electricity all year round cutting the utility costs to almost zero (Net Zero Energy).

Vancouver’s new building bylaws now require increased energy efficiency; this project aims to demonstrate how to exceed these goals and add value for the same construction costs as a standard custom home.

Annual Heating Cost

$286 / yr*

* For both units, total demand is 2800 kWh per year at 10.2 cents/kWh, no night setback

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Item Quantity
Gross Floor area 2400 ft2
Treated Floor Area (PHPP) 216 m2
Annual Heating demand 2800 kWh
Specific Annual Heating Demand 13 kWh/m2
Design Heating Load 2100 Watts
Specific Heating Load 10 W/m2
Heating fuel Electricity
Heating Fuel Cost $0.102 /kWh
Annual Heating cost calculation $285 / yr (2 units)
Annual cooling demand 0 kWh
Annual cooling cost $0 / year
Airtightness (calculation assumption) 0.3 ach @ 50 Pa

See Construction Details

Component Construction Type & Specs U-value (R-value) Manufacturer, Location
Floor slab Concrete slab insulated with EPS 0.109 W/m2K (R- 52) Econ Group
Wall structure below grade Basement - Insulated concrete forms 0.144 W/m2K (R-39) Logix ICF
Wall structure above grade 2x4 Stud wall with Exterior Insulation 0.147 W/m2K (R-41) Econ Group
Roof structure TJI Roof Structure + 2x4 Ceiling service structure 0.075 W/m2K (R-75) Econ Group
Wall Insulation - type, thickness Roxul Comfoboard and Roxul Comfobatt - 8.5 inches Roxul
Roof Insulation - type, thickness Roxul Comfobatt - Total 18 inches Roxul
Windows Euroline THERM 4700 Euroline
Exterior Door Euroline THERM 4700 Euroline
Window Frame spec and U-value Vinyl/Fibreglass Hybrid Uf = 0.80 W/m2K
Window Glazing spec and U-value Cardinal Triple Glaze Ug = 0.63 W/m2K
Glazing SHGC (g-value) solar heat gain coefficient ( g-value) 55%
Airtightness assumed value for modeling 0.3 ach @ 50 Pa
Ventilation system Zehnder Comfoair 350 90% efficiency Zehnder
Hot Water Air-to-Water Heat Pump Hot Water COP 3.0 Rheem
Heating System Electric Resistance Mini Baseboard heaters

See Design & Construction Team

Role Person Location contact email
Architect Marken Design + Consulting Vancouver
Passive House Designer Marken Design + Consulting Vancouver
General Contractor Econ Group Vancouver
Building Envelope Supplier Econ Group Vancouver
PHI-Accredited Certifier EZA Kempten, Germany

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