Sonia Zouari

Parks Canada

Sonia Zouari

Ottawa, ON

Fully bilingual, Sonia holds a Masters degree in Architecture and is licensed as an Architect in Ontario and Quebec. As a Certified Passive House Designer, Green Globes Practitioner and a LEED professional, she takes a leadership role in Sustainable Design. Sonia is currently working as Project Architect with Parks Canada, and is developing designs suitable for a range of Passive House-quality projects, including a 3-building development in the high Arctic, scheduled for construction by 2020.

As both the Project Architect and Passive House Designer, Sonia has championed the Salus Clementine project in Ottawa, which is the:

  • First Passive House light steel construction in North America
  • First large scale Passive House multi-residential social housing project on the continent

Proud public servant, community oriented and award winning Architect with over 16 years of international experience, Sonia’s contributions to Ontario’s built environment and the architectural profession have been recognized by the Ontario Association of Architects, as part of the OAA’s series ‘Women in Architecture – Ontario’ for Women’s History Month, 2015. A devoted mother of three, Sonia lives with her family in Ottawa.

Certified Passive House Designer Badge

Qualification:  via CanPHI

CPHD exam, Ottawa 2014