Certified Passive House Designer Badge  CanPHI has been running successful and highly-rated Passive House training courses across Canada since 2010. Since then we’ve trained hundreds of Canadian architects, builders, designers, planners and homeowners, and we’ve developed far greater expertise at presenting this challenging Standard than any other organization in Canada. We’re the only Canadian organization licensed by the Passivhaus Institut since 2010 to offer Passive House training and professional qualification via the international exam (see here for a list of licensed training providers). We lead the field nationally in offering practical and pragmatic advice for ecological, sustainable construction, and we continually update and revise our course material to reflect experience gained in the many Canadian Passive House projects we’re involved in.

COMING SOON In winter 2018-19 CanPHI will be putting a fully revised and updated version of our Passive House Design and Construction course ONLINE. This will drastically reduce the price of the highest quality Passive House construction training, whilst making the course accessible to anyone with an internet connection. We at CanPHI are committed to making Passive House construction an affordable reality in North America!

Certified Training course in session

2019 Classroom Training Course Dates

6-day Certified Passive House Designer Course

Location:      Calgary, Alberta 

Dates:         January 18 – 20 Febuary 8 – 10, 2019  

6-day Certified Passive House Designer Course

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Dates:     June 1 – 3 and June 15 – 17, 2018 

What Past Attendees Say


  • I found CanPHI’s Training Course incredibly useful for teaching an Advanced Residential Design – Passive Solar – course. I’m now able to show students how passive solar can be made to work within the Passive House context, which makes it very real for them. The PHPP training showed that I can meet the energy performance standard in this climate with our type of construction. Thank you for an interesting and informative course!

    Michael Muller
    Professor, Architecture Sheridan College of Technology & Advanced Learning , Brampton, ON
  • A passion for quality and best possible housing performance led me to Passive House. What I learned, in the comprehensive training and with the excellent support during my first project, is that Passive House also delivers priceless features including added comfort, health and durability. read more

    Garth Hood
    Thoughtful Dwellings, Fredericton, N.B.
  • It was a complete game changer for me and for my company. It has catapulted me ahead of the pack to being a leader and innovator in building the future of the construction industry. Passive House just makes sense for many reasons: environment, financial, and above all buildings that are more comfortable and healthy to live in. I highly recommend CanPHI’s Passive House Design Course. read more

    Tim Naugler
    Owner, Southern Exposure Construction Inc, Fredericton , NB
  • The Passive House concept makes a lot of sense to me. The idea of optimizing the building envelope instead of having a conventional heating system is very basic, logic and innovative too! CanPHI’s course clearly explains how it’s possible to build this kind of house here in Canada, where we definitely need it!

    Sébastien Carle, Ing.
    Building Engineer, Amos, QC
  • CanPHI’s Passive House design course has inspired us with new goals and has changed our approach to all our projects by giving us the tools to make Passive House our new standard. The future is Passive House, and it is achievable right now!

    Richard Price
    President, Construction Le Tournesol, Montréal, QC