Join hundreds of building professionals across Canada and the USA who have qualified with the world’s most recognized and elite qualification in energy-efficient building design, that of Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant (CPHD). We run the international CPHD exam, which is aimed at those who have have already taken our 6-day Design & Construction online course or its classroom equivalent.

You can now study online for the next sitting of the exam via our revised CPHD Exam Prep Course. Please note that the Exam Prep Course consists only of practice exam-type questions, and it cannot take the place of a full Passive House training course.

We offer 2 registration options:


1 ¬†Online CPHD Exam Prep Course only, with no exam registration, is normally priced at $199 (+GST), but is also offered at just $99 to anyone also registering for our full online Passive House Design & Construction course.¬†This registration gives you 3 months access to the training material,¬†including 150 exam-type questions, with full solutions ‚Äď and during this period you can review the questions/solutions as many times as you wish.¬†To register please visit here¬†.¬†For more information see our Exam Prep Course FAQs.¬†


2. Exam registration only, priced at $525 (+GST). CanPHI offers the CPHD exam in Ottawa, ON twice per year, and also occasionally in Calgary, AB (see below). Kindly note that much of this exam fee goes to PHI in Germany, who set and administer the exam and issue Certification. To register you first need to email us at the address below. The next opportunity to sit the exam will be

  • Saturday 21 March, 2020¬† (9.30am – 12.30) in Ottawa.¬†

Note: Please contact us to register for the exam at least a month before the exam date – we need to confirm participant numbers to ensure the exam will run. Exam registration will be available by contacting us at the email address below. The quoted price includes:

  • Entry to¬†exam sitting in Ottawa or Calgary ¬†
  • Registration as a Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant on the international database for 5 years, on passing the exam
  • CPHD logo and rights to use the professional title for 5 years
  • Certificate of qualification, issued by the international Passivhaus Institut, Germany (pdf format)

 Question and Registration

For Ottawa exams email:

For Calgary exams email:



Online Training Courses

Study Passive House via our new online Passive House Design & Construction Course then prepare for the CPHD exam by enrolling in our highly regarded  Exam Prep Course If you are interested in Building Certification click here