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Comprehensive, affordable professional training in the world’s most ambitious and most verified building standard is now available here online. Learning Passive House has never been easier or more efficient!

DURATION: 6 full days (classroom equivalent)

PRICE: $499 CAD – Save with course bundles.

What you will learn during this course

Access our wealth of design and construction experience online, and learn at your own pace at a fixed low price, with no stress, no travel and no accommodation costs. Learning Passive House has never been so easy, affordable and efficient!  In this comprehensive online training course you’ll learn:

  • All the core science behind the revolutionary Passive House approach, including optimizing building shape, proven superinsulation strategies, radical airtightness techniques, thermal bridge-free construction, ultra high-performance windows and über-efficient ventilation systems
  • Hundreds of viable construction solutions to help you achieve world-leading Passive House performance in your new or renovated building
  • Many project Case Studies from prominent Passive House designers across the country
  • Economics as key to the Passive House approach i.e. cost optimization through appropriate design
  • our new Building Science for Passive Houses (Short Course) is included in this course as an important separate Module
  • Many exercises and examples to assist rapid learning
  • Check out the course structure and Learning Goals here CanPHI_ONLINE CourseOutline

What can I expect from this course, and what’s included?

  • We’ve taken apart the challenging Passive House curriculum and re-assembled it into 13 Modules – over 90 new training videos, ranging from 3 to 35 minutes duration, to make the best use of your limited time
  • This course is the basis for professional qualification as a Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant (if desired)
  • We use cutting-edge adaptive streaming (HLS) via the industry-leading Wistia platform to deliver the best possible version of each learning video at any given time, with the player automatically choosing the highest quality available to you without buffering
  • Each major Module includes a Quiz at the end (8 in total), to assess your learning progress as you go through the course and get an overall final score
  • You’ll have unlimited access to the training videos and quizzes for five weeks (35 days) from the date of your registration
  • Building Science for Passive Houses (Short Course) is included in this course as an important separate Module
  • Fully updated for 2019 with the latest Passive House R&D
  • See the online training course FAQs for more information
  • Useful resource downloads are included for each Module, in PDF format
  • On finishing the course and passing all Quizzes you’ll be emailed a personalized Certificate of Attendance, with which you can claim 40 hours of learning credits from your professional association

How much time do I need for this online training course?

The course features over 100 training videos ranging from 3 to 35 minutes, in 13 separate Modules.

Upon registration, you will have 35 days unlimited access to watch all training videos and complete the 8 Quizzes.

Depending on their background, most people will be able to cover this amount of material, and complete the exercises in 5 – 7 full days

Who delivers most of the course material?

Malcolm IsaacsMalcolm Isaacs is the lead instructor on this course, although some Modules feature other Passive House experts.

Malcolm a Civil Engineering graduate of the University of Ottawa, who’s worked in the energy efficiency field as a professional engineer, designer, builder, researcher and writer for over 25 years. He’s a Passive House pioneer in Canada, and in 2005 he designed and built the first house in the country to Passive House specifications.

Malcolm co-founded CanPHI in 2010, having worked extensively at the Passivhaus Institut in Germany. He’s since become the most experienced and accomplished Passive House educator in Canada, having taught the CPHD course across the country since 2010. His current specialties include the economics of the Passive House approach, particularly affordable design solutions. He has consulted on Passive House projects across the country, and he’s the principal of a Quebec-based construction and consulting company which delivers affordable prefabricated solutions in CLT and other natural materials.

Malcolm is a vigorous promoter of radical energy conservation, and in this capacity he has presented at many international Passive House, sustainable building and architectural conferences. In 2017 he became a PHI-accredited Passive House Certifier, and is currently developing affordable designs for co-housing projects.

Register for 3 Courses:
  • Passive House Design & Construction Course
  • PHPP Introduction Course
  • CPHD Exam Prep Course
Complete Online Training for Passive House Building is $499 when purchased Individually. 

Price $747

Register for 2 courses:  PHPP Introduction Course is $199 purchased individually. $99 when bundled. 

Price $598

Register for 2 courses:  CPHD Exam Prep Course is $199 purchased individually. $149 when bundled. 

Price $648