While Passive House is certainly the world’s most ambitious and verified energy-efficient building standard, most people invest in this type of construction for the higher quality of living.

The many benefits of Passive House construction over regular Canadian Building Code construction include:

  • Much better indoor air quality – comfortable humidity levels, low CO2 levels because of comfort ventilation, with optimum ventilation flowrates calculated for each room
  • Increased thermal comfort – highest level of interior comfort of any building, with all surfaces equally warm (including the windows), no drafts (ever), no setbacks, no temperature swings
  • Superior sound insulation – extraordinary airtightness levels, triple-pane glass and thick insulation also provide superior sound insulation – Passive Houses are very quiet indoors!
  • Almost-unbelievable energy efficiency – 80-90% better than standard construction, with simply no need for a conventional heating system
  • More durable –  detailed and advanced design, better building components, proven building science
  • Almost no maintenance – very simple mechanical systems compared to normal construction
  • Resilient – the most resilient construction standard anywhere, which maintains livable conditions even during power or fuel outages, relies very little on any mechanical systems
  • Sustainable – because of very low energy consumption and durable construction
  • Versatile – Passive Houses can be built in any climate zone and applied to any building type, utilizing a wide variety of building materials and methods
  • Internationally embraced – already over 70,000 Passive House buildings in more than 65 different countries … with numbers growing rapidly from China to Abu Dhabi to Alaska
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