This online course will give you some hands-on experience with the PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) software, the world’s most accurate and verified tool for design of radically-efficient buildings

Even if you don’t plan to model buildings regularly, some working knowledge of PHPP is important for every Passive House designer – it’s at the core of the science-based Passive House approach to design.

Course Duration:

1 full day (classroom equivalent)


CAD $199 (+GST) for 30 days registration

or CAD $99 (+GST) if purchased with Passive House Design & Construction course


Course Details

What you will learn during this course

  • How to navigate PHPP and enter data in the most important parts of the software
  • How to calculate U-values quickly and accurately for any type of building assembly
  • How to enter areas and dimensions in PHPP following the standard protocol
  • Calculation of Treated Floor Area, and its importance
  • How to plan a Passive House-quality ventilation system on a room-by room basis
  • The course includes a comprehensive modeling exercise of an existing building design, in which you upgrade it from Building Code performance to Passive House performance – this is the best way to learn PHPP

What can you expect from this course?

  • Discover the power of making fully-informed decisions about every aspect of building design – from insulation levels to airtightness, window quality and placement to ventilation unit efficiency.
  • You’ll need a laptop or desktop with MS Excel, since PHPP is an Excel-based spreadsheet
  • Inputs to the software are limited to dimensions and thermal properties of materials / components – anyone can do this once they learn the rules
  • The course includes an unlicensed early version of the PHPP, provided for exercises. However we recommend you buy a new licensed PHPP version, with the manual (available from this website)

How much time do I need for this course?

There are 7 videos which feature short exercises and one long modelling exercise. Most people will watch all videos and complete the exercises within 1 full day

Registration gives you access to the videos and downloads for 30 days

Who delivers the course material?

Malcolm IsaacsMalcolm Isaacs is a Civil Engineering graduate of the University of Ottawa, who’s worked in the energy efficiency field as a professional engineer, designer, builder, researcher and writer for over 25 years. He’s a Passive House pioneer in Canada, and in 2005 he designed and built the first house in the country to Passive House specifications.

Malcolm co-founded CanPHI in 2010, having worked extensively at the Passivhaus Institut in Germany. He’s since become the most experienced and accomplished Passive House educator in Canada, having taught the CPHD course across the country since 2010. His current specialties include the economics of the Passive House approach, particularly affordable design solutions. He has consulted on Passive House projects across the country, and he’s the principal of a Quebec-based construction and consulting company which delivers affordable prefabricated solutions in CLT and other natural materials.

Malcolm is a vigorous promoter of radical energy conservation, and in this capacity he has presented at many international Passive House, sustainable building and architectural conferences. In 2017 he became a PHI-accredited Passive House Certifier, and is currently developing affordable designs for co-housing projects.

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