Full Online Training for Passive House Designers

At passivehouse.ca we were the first organization to start running successful and highly-rated Passive House training courses across Canada (back in 2010), and we’ve now trained hundreds of Canadian architects, builders, engineers, designers, planners and homeowners in all parts of the country. Over the past decade we’ve developed unrivalled expertise in Canada at teaching this challenging Standard.

We’re passionate about making Passive House the building code standard across Canada and in the US – it’s time for real change!

Now we’ve comprehensively updated our popular courses and released them into an affordable online format to make it easier for anyone to learn the many facets of Passive House Design and Construction. All our material is geared to reflect our North American realities in terms of construction and climate. Check out our Online Training Course FAQ  page for more detailed information about all our courses.

I Passed My Passive House Exam!

 I found both the online Passive House Design & Construction course and online PHPP course to be enlightening.  The courses were very thorough with a great depth of information that covered all aspects of Passive House.  I now have a much better understanding of Passive House which will not only help me in designing high energy efficient homes but assist me when selling the PH concept to clients.

D’Arcy Dunal, B.Arch, OAA, Toronto, Ontario

Most Popular

We’ve taken apart the challenging Passive House curriculum and re-assembled it into 13 Modules – over 90 new training videos, ranging from 3 to 35 minutes duration, to make the best use of your limited time.

CAD $499

Simply the best available resource for getting you through the challenging PHI exam. 10 sections covering all aspects of Passive House design relevant to the CPHD exam. Helps to ensure your exam investment pays off with a pass!

CAD $199

Introduction to the world’s most accurate and verified software for low energy building design.

CAD $199

This short course (half day equivalent) is presented by wood engineer, building science expert and CanPHI director Tomaz Stich, and it outlines essential building science knowledge for super-insulated wall, floor and roof assemblies, no matter what the climate zone.


We’ve packed even more value into our Course Bundles.

Register for 3 Courses:
  • Passive House Design & Construction Course
  • PHPP Introduction Course
  • CPHD Exam Prep Course
Complete Online Training for Passive House Building is $499 when purchased Individually. 

Price $747

Register for 2 courses:  CPHD Exam Prep Course is $199 purchased individually. $149 when bundled. 

Price $648

Register for 2 courses:  PHPP Introduction Course is $199 purchased individually. $99 when bundled. 

Price $598