This is the most comprehensive online training resource for Passive House design and construction available anywhere! It has now replaced our 6-day classroom courses, and it has a wealth of up-to-date and relevant material: over 100 videos in 13 separate Modules – including 8 quizzes to help assess your learning progress. For more info on what to expect, check out the  Course Learning Goals

To get the most out of this training course, we recommend :

  • Put aside enough time to view and learn this large amount of material – for most people that means the equivalent of 4 – 6 full days over your 35 day registration period, depending on your background knowledge of the subject. Don’t leave all the videos to the last weekend!
  • As you go through the course, make sure you download useful background information and summary slide pdfs provided in each Modules, to help your overall learning and as an aide memoire. 
  • Take notes as you watch the videos – there is a LOT of information here, and nobody can remember it all
  • It will increase your learning and retention if you do the exercises provided! Stop the video, and use your calculator or notepad to work out a solution, then compare it to the answer provided
  • At the end of each of the most important Modules, do the Quiz, of which there are 8 in this course (Building Envelope, Thermal Bridge, Airtightness, Windows, Ventilation, Heating, Economics, Final Summary)
  • Your quiz scores are automatically calculated, and if you score less than 75% you are prompted to go back and do it again, until you reach that threshold. At the end of each Quiz, you also have the chance to check all the answers, to see what you got wrong.
  • Once you’ve completed all the Modules and Quizzes in this course, we will email you a custom pdf Certificate of Attendance for 40 hours of professional learning, which you can submit to your professional organization for ongoing learning credits.

To start this course, go to Course Navigation in the right hand column of this page, click on Module 1 and start viewing the first video, “Passive House Introduction”.




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