Single Family Home, Wakefield, Québec

Project Overview

This 1400 ft2, 2-bedroom house is being built as a retirement residence, and is situated on a beautiful south-facing lot in Wakefield, QC – some 35km north of Ottawa. The conceptual design was by Matthew Drury of Le Dessinatoire, Wakefield, and the client hired local contractor Maisons Chicoine Homes Inc to build the house, specifying a high degree of energy efficiency (and energy security) in the building.

Construction Maison Passive Inc of Wakefield was hired to conduct a PHPP analysis, and we found that this design could reach the “Low Energy” standard of the Passivhaus Institut, namely a heating demand of 25kWh/m2 (rather than 15kWh/m2 for the full Passive House). This still translates to the building being the most energy-efficient in the entire community.

For simplicity and speed of construction, it was decided to use CLT for all interior and exterior walls, as well as a CLT floor in the 2-storey part of the building. This approach allows Passive House performance to be reached with just 2 or 3 material layers for the walls, since the German-made CLT is the structural layer, airtight layer, vapour control layer, electrical conduit layer and provides a beautiful sanded finish layer on the interior…

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… Insulation is provided by a 240mm thick layer of wood fibre board screwed into the exterior CLT wall, plus another 40mm higher-density finish layer for strapping. The wall assembly is therefore 100% vapour safe and should be durable for centuries! Unlike most Canadian construction systems it contains no inflammable foams, polythene, toxic additives or other noxious elements – it is all-natural and diffusion-open. The CLT interior finish is perfectly complimented by solid wood Passive House-Certified Optiwin windows, from Austria – a Class A, award-winning product, also provided by Construction Maison Passive Inc. Completion is scheduled for May 2016.

Annual Heating Cost

$312 / yr*

* 3677 kWh per year at 8.5 cents/kWh Hydro Québec residential rate

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